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Earthquake Prep With James Roddey (Part 6)

James Roddey -- the Earth Science Information Officer for the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries -- was the keynote speaker at Northwest SARCon 2010.  Roddey discusses how you can make your home safer in case of earthquake.

'Earthquake Preparedness,' Part 6 of 7 (Clackamas County Sheriff's Office)

I'm look inside your house what can you do. Inside your house that'll make it a safer place to be if the earthquake happens bolt bookshelves to the walls put little arm latches on your cabinets in your kitchen so that all the dishes. And pots and pans stay in the cabinets put a pair of shoes and a flashlight and maybe a few other essential items. Under your bed your house is just shaken for five minutes. 
It's the middle of the night you you wake up you go through the shaking and you wanna go check on the dogs and cats and especially the kids but there's gonna be when does that have been broken. They're gonna be pictures that have fallen off the walls there's going to be glass and dishes everywhere soul trying to walk through that in a panic in the dark is gonna be really difficult.

So if you've got a pair shoes you slap him on para gloves. You put those on grab a flashlight you turn it on and you can go check in relative safety. if you got a big picture hanging above your bed that has glass in it it's probably a really good idea to either replace the glass with something like Lex an hour just plastic that's not gonna shatter or really really anchor the picture to the wall so it's not coming off the wall that.

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